Unleash Growth through Mobile Performance Marketing

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The market is loaded with tools, applications and mobile marketing solutions that claim to help businesses advance with regards to branding and performance. Enterprises have many marketing options but little information on how to bridge the gaps for comprehensive understanding into enterprise marketing plan and efficiently apply solutions.

MMA has teamed up with the forerunners, the rising stars and the industry giants to bring about Unleash Growth Through Mobile Performance Marketing. This workshop aims to showcase the marketing problems encountered by enterprises and offer practical solutions to embrace all current marketing purposes. The whole day workshop will assess the pain points and struggling of enterprises as below, especially to SMEs.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to turn your business!

  • Lack of solid knowledge and full picture about mobile marketing landscape
  • Low budget
  • Critical role of performance marketing

The workshop will focus on building a cohesive solution to fill in the missing dots and optimize implementation that can instantly create positive changes in business operation

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