Genecia Alloura

Genecia was drawn to entrepreneurship in her mid 20’s following her time as Miss Singapore when she established Coffee.

Nowhere, a specialist cafe for coffee lovers which has grown into a renowned retail cafe chain with a presence across three countries in Asia.

Beauty with brain, helping women entrepreneurs to reach futher in their life are what people are saying about Geneicia.

She has helped startup women entrepreneurs build unshakable confidence, start their own business and achieve the dream life they’re meant to live.

Her businesses especially Soul Rich Woman can be seen as a platform with an online academy, and offline network where women can tap into. This network serves to empower women in health, wealth and happiness. Despite of not being born with a silver spoon and a financially well-off, she knows what women are capable of and strive towards a better lifestyle and do not let anything stop her. Her businesses tap into the vast potential in different parts of Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Keen to explore different marketing avenues and empower like-minded women, Genecia began her own live stream channel, Soul Rich Woman TV. Today, Soul Rich Woman TV has a combined social media reach of 200,000, consists of 1,000+ episodes and has built the foundations of her current business.