Phan Dung

Phan Dung is founder of Big Cat Entertainment, a famous Youtube Ambassador.

His agency focuses on viral marketing andsince 2015, its 2 Youtube channels, Ghien Mi Go, La La School, Gameshow The Bachelor have been the leaderin making social marketing trends.

Phan Dung was first an English teacher,but soon he realized that what he wantedand desired was to become an SEO expert.

Right after quitted, he was immediatelyoffered the Regional Director, AsiaPacific position at Google Reseller –Cleverads. A few years later, he wasassigned the Senior Business Manager atCatcha Group and in 2015, he was PartnerManager at Facebook.

With more than 10 years of experience inDigital Marketing, Phan Dung has led BigCat Entertainment become one of themost successful and well-known mediaagency in Vietnam.

Big Cat’s products aremore and more inspring and viral.