Tuan Ha

Founder of Vinalink – Vietnam Marketing Wizard – Top 1 Digital Marketer in Vietnam
Having the chance to have exposure to the Internet when it first appeared in Vietnam, Tuan Ha was soon able to see the big picture of online marketing here and the pioneer of Vietnam Digital Marketing Industry.

In 1998, he quit his job as a civil servant, which didn’t give him much pleasure and challenges as he wanted, to gain more experiences and knowledge in this totally new Digital Marketing Industry in Vietnam at that time.

Just a few months later, he was invited to become Internet lecturer for the Civil without having any professional degree. In 2000, he established Vinalink – a company working mainly in providing online services on web application and digital marketing to Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Since then, Vinalink has become the top Vietnamese company in this industry and he is named as Top 1 digital marketer in Vietnam.